I am a food, lifestyle, and event photographer with a contemporary aesthetic. I am inspired by the ability to tell a narrative through my photographs and the acceptance to act as an unobtrusive observer of life.

Having grown up in an Italian/Irish family in Connecticut, I was taught from a very early age that life was meant to be enjoyed and celebrated. I have always had creative interests and was first enthused by photography because it gave me consent to participate and enjoy moments as they were happening and also capture those fleeting moments to later take pleasure in.

I received my undergraduate degree in photography at Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA) and during those years was allotted the opportunity to explore my many interests within the art form. Upon embarking on a life as a photographer my inspiration remained where it had first began: in the celebration of simple pleasures, pivotal moments, and the ability to share my view of life. I see the beauty in everything, much of which is often taken for granted or unseen by most.

My intention while creating is to pictorially depict the people and environment to which moments belong to and are celebrated by. I enjoy shooting on site with natural light if possible, where there is a potential for more things to happen, and allowing my subjects to be involved in more than just looking back at a camera. When I am photographing the surface of my subjects in their environments I feel as if the outcome is as truly revealing as going to the heart of the matter.